It was truly by the leading of the Holy Spirit that Grace Baptist Church started 9 years ago in the month of July, 1992 at 41 Larkin Road in Burlington, New Jersey. The chartered members are Pastor Joyner, Sister Pamula Joyner, Teresa Joyner, Christie Joyner, Toni Joyner, Joel Covington, Clyde Leverett, Vanessa Bryant, and Dolores Edgehill.

It was in the month of July, 1992, that Grace Baptist moved to JFK High School in Willingboro, NJ until September, 1996. Grace Baptist moved to 1303 Route 130 North, Burlington in October 1996. We were blessed to pay off that mortgage in 1999.

Grace Baptist purchased 5+ acre track of land located in Westampton, NJ where our new church, (future day care and educational building) is located. We moved into our new edifice in 2005.

During Grace's ministry, the Lord sought to bless us with Rev. George Bailey, who was Grace's first son, who was licensed and ordained. Minister Leesa Jones became the first daughter of Grace and was also licensed and ordained. Grace was blessed with Rev. Dave Bailey, formerly of God's House, (who has gone home to be with the Lord), Minister Michael Davis (who has moved on in the Lord), Elder Brenda Bligen (have moved on in the Lord), Minister Michele Brown (has moved on in the Lord). Minister Wilbur Phillips (who is now pastoring his own church, First Baptist of Delair), and Minister Peter Jackson (who has moved on in the Lord).

God has blessed Grace Baptist once again by adding to our Ministerial Staff: Elder Deshan Joyner, Minister Chova Joyner, Elder Joseph Grady, Elder Howard Taylor, Minister Naomi Walker, and Elder Reginald Blount and Minister Pamula Joyner (newly licensed to the Gospel Ministry - 26 Jun 2011)

Grace has also been blessed with our ministry at the Virtua Nursing Home in Mt. Holly; every 3rd Sunday of the month, and Clare Bridge of Westampton, NJ; every 4th Sunday. We presently have five churches in India.

We have also been blessed to have had 27 churches in India. In February, 1999 Pastor Joyner was blessed to ordain 12 of the 27 ministers of these churches.

It is hour hope and prayer that Grace Baptist Church will continue to be a light in the community and a hospital for the soul. It is our prayer that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, through the blessings of the Holy Spirit will be pleased.